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The Bloom of a Rose

The Bloom of a Rose

Book 3: The Rose Series

Rachel Bartlett doesn’t expect to meet the man of her dreams at a funeral. But a chance conversation with Paul Miller inserts her in a political game between good and evil. Her political strategist mother has other plans for her, and they don’t include romance. Paul is the wrong guy for her, but sometimes it takes someone from the opposition to show you the way out of the maze.

Paul Miller is fighting battles on multiple fronts, and he doesn’t have time for an infatuation with a pretty graphic artist, no matter how blue her eyes or how sharp her wit. If his trust is misplaced, then a betrayal can cost him the game.

What the couple doesn’t know is that they are not alone. Supernatural beings battle behind the scenes—and humans are all pawns on a chessboard. The outcome of the game will determine not only what the future might be. . . but whether there even is one.

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